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Genshin Impact Clorinde and Navia Guide

Genshin Impact – Clorinde and Navia Guide & Best Team Build

Learn everything you need to know about the upcoming Fontaine characters, Clorinde and Navia, in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact - Clorinde and Navia Guide

With the release of the magical region Fontaine in the 4.0 update of Genshin Impact, two of the most anticipated characters are Clorinde and Navia. Although not much has been officially revealed about them, fans are still excited to be able to get Navia and Clorinde in the game soon. Here is everything we know so far about Clorinde and Navia in Genshin Impact: their release date, lore, abilities, build, and team comps.

Everything We Know About Clorinde and Navia

Navia and Clorinde debut as quest-exclusive NPCs in chapter 4 of Genshin Impact, each with a rich history and lore associated with Fontaine. Here is what we know so far about their character and background.

Clorinde Character and Lore


The Electro character Clorinde is introduced to us first in the game as a quest-exclusive NPC during the Archon Quests in Fontaine. As the bodyguard of Furina, the God of Justice, and a Champion Duelist, Clorinde is held in high regard in the Fontaine region and is the executioner of justice when it comes to criminal duels.

Her character model is tall with dark blue hair and a nonchalant look. It reflects her confidence and strengths, which earned her the respect of Fontaine’s nobels as a warrior.

Navia Character and Lore


Navia is a Geo element character who was also first introduced in the game during the Fontaine Archon Quests. She succeeded in the position of Spina di Rosula’s president after her father, Callas, who was responsible for her upbringing. She is a highly motivated young woman duty-bound to solving the mysteries of Fontaine regarding the disappearance of young women and bringing equality to the region.

As far as her character goes, she is a tall, young, blue-eyed, and blonde-haired girl. She holds a parasol in her hands, and her outfit has Fontaine’s signature steampunk aesthetic. Navia has observed and taken to heart the divide between the rich and poor in Fontaine and works tirelessly in the Spina de Rosula to make the country a more just place.

Clorinde and Navia Release Date

The exact release date of Clorine and Navia remains unknown. However, we can speculate that they will likely be released in one of the patches following the 4.0 update in Genshin Impact. As these characters are a key aspect of chapter 4 of the game, it makes sense for them to be launched in the subsequent patches.

It is expected that Clorinde will launched sometime after patch 4.2 of Genshin Impact. So, we are anticipating her release by November 2023. For Navia, the way seems to be a bit longer since she’s expected to be released by patch 4.5. So, it is believed that she will become available by March, 2024. However, many speculate that both of them will be released in the same patch same as Neuvillette and Wriothesley in Genshin Impact 4.1. This would make sense as both of them seem to have a shared common history with each other.

Clorinde and Navia Build Guide

Deciding the best builds for Clorinde and Navia is a challenge since the information regarding their overall kit is relatively obscure. However, based on the trailer and character interactions, we can see how these two individuals would shape our to be on the roster. We will be sure to provide an updated build guide once more is revealed about them.

Clorinde Best Weapons, Abilities, and Artifact

Clorinde is sure to be an Electro character who wields a sword as her primary weapon. She was seen to have an Iron Sting equipped in the trailer, which had an electric glow around it, confirming this notion. We’re not sure of her scaling, but in case you want to build Clorinde as your primary DPS, a Mistsplitter Reforged would be a suitable weapon for her.


For the choice of the best artifact set on Clorinde, you can equip any set that boosts her elemental damage and provides the much-needed Energy Recharge. The Thundersoother set would be a great choice in this regard.

Navia Best Weapons, Abilities, and Artifact

It is currently unknown what type of abilities Navia would have. It’s clear from her vision that she is a Geo character who wields a claymore, as she can be seen to have a Whiteblind on her. So, you can expect that to be her primary weapon type.


When it comes to her artifact, the Husk of Opulent Dreams set is a solid choice due to its buff to Geo damage and defence. Since the game is severely lacking in 5-star and even 4-star Geo characters, you can finally put this set to good use with the release of Navia.

Clorinde and Navia Team Comps

As Clorinde and Navia will soon release in Genshin Impact, it will be exciting to see which team comps they can fit in. Even though their role would mainly depend on their skillset and abilities, we still contemplate which type of team would benefit the most from their inclusion.

Best Team Comps with Clorinde

Since Clorinde is an Electro character, she is likely to take an Electro-DPS role in different teams. This speculation could be far-fetched as we know nothing of her kit. For all we know, she could be a physical DPS, superconduct enabler, or make a taser comp work.



Regardless, we can say for certain that she will end up becoming a main Electro character in all sorts of team comps, especially in various popular Hyperbloom teams. Her gun is sure to play a key role in her abilities and skills.

Best Team Comps with Navia

Since we don’t have much information on Navia’s kit outside of her weapon and element, we can’t pinpoint one good team comp for her. It is highly likely that she ends up being most suitable for a Mono-Geo comp, consisting of 3 Geo and one flex character. In that case, her best team comp would be as follows:

  • Albedo – Off Field DPS
  • Zhongli – Main Shield
  • Navia – Support/DPS
  • Gorou – Support/DPS

With that, we need to see how her main damage is scaled. If it ends up being scaled mainly with Defense, she will be one of the stronger Mono-Geo characters. Otherwise, you can play her more flexibly in various team comps.


That’s all we know about Clorinde and Navia in Genshin Impact, including their release date, abilities and roles. We’ll be sure to update this guide as more information is released. Be sure to check back for more!

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